Here it is! Look it over. This is the Illuminated Brew Works’ collaboration with Tijuana Hercules. It’s the limited edition of the Tijuana Saison. It contains a bottle of the Tijuana Saison, the specially recorded 7-inch 45 R.P.M. record, an 8 page screen printed booklet, all housed in a glow-in-the-dark screen print box with art by Tijuana Hercules main man, John Vernon Forbes. This will be available at the better bottle shops.


IBW, Chicago’s esteemed brewer to the fringe, has greatly honored us by coming up with a TIJUANA SAISON.

Dig this description of the brew:

The history of the Tijuana Saison is one scholars have struggled with for centuries. Believed to have first been cooked by a small tribe just south of what is today considered the border town Tijuana, it was originally made from goat horns, guitar strings, oil of olay & semen. The recipe has evolved over the years and today it’s still made by the few remaining descendants of the tribe who first brought it to the attention of Spanish invaders during a now infamous mountain top party.
Made with tamarind pulp, citrus & arbol peppers, Tijuana Saison is widely considered Mexico’s best answer for a house guest who may be taking themselves – and their bad ideas and dumb identities – a bit too seriously. Please, enjoy with people you trust.
Also to commemorate this mind bending occasion, there will be a limited 45 rpm release with a screen printed booklet.